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Our store is committed to respecting the privacy of all visitors to its website. Therefore, we have gathered on this page all the information about the functioning of the website of (The Raw Feeding Company) in relation to personal data, so that you are fully aware of the type of information that may be collected, the reason why it is collected and, mainly, of how that information can be used and what options you have to opt out of this transmission of information

All information collected is treated in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 67/98 of October 26, 1998)

Our store is also committed to adopting all possible and appropriate security measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to users' private data stored in our database.

  1. identifiable information
    Identifiable Information is the type of information that can personally identify you, such as your name, email address or other data you share. This type of information, being naturally the most sensitive, is collected by our team only and only if you voluntarily transmit it to us, for example, if you contact us about a question or fill in the form to be contacted by us. If you do not want our store to have access to any identifiable information, please do not provide it to us or display it in any way on our website.

1.1 User Content
Our store offers users the possibility to actively participate, by filling in forms, such as to request information or other type of participation. Our store reserves the right to use such content publicly in a perpetual and irrevocable way, even if the user decides to stop participating or visiting the virtual store.

​​​     2. Non-identifiable information

Non-identifiable information generally refers to technical information - information that does not contain data that can personally identify you. This data may include your IP, geographic location, website activity and interests. This information allows the virtual store to customize your browsing experience and measure website activity, as well as the number of visits, most read articles, daily traffic, user origin, among other statistical data. This data allows us to know which contents meet user preferences, the flow of visitors to the entire site or parts/pages in particular, measure the results of marketing campaigns and combat spam/malware. Below we detail how we gather this type of non-identifiable information and the options available to you to disable it.

2.1 Cookies
Cookies are small text files that practically all websites, including our store, place on users' computers or mobile devices through browsers. These files are essential for websites to function efficiently and personalized for users, as well as to provide generic and statistical information to website managers.

The cookies used by the virtual store do not collect information that identifies the user. As these files contain only text, it is also not possible to be infected by viruses or malware through cookies.

Cookies can be disabled by users through their browser settings (see point 2.2), thus preventing websites from collecting any type of non-identifiable information about you. However, this is not recommended since, as mentioned above, they are essential for the operation and use of the websites and without them, your browsing experience may be significantly limited.

You can find more detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions about cookies on the following page:



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