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Raw feeding consists of raw food for animals, practiced all over the world, mainly to dogs and cats.
They are based on meat, because if the animals didn't have us they would hunt and in turn feed on their prey, so raw feeding is the most similar food possible to the primordial and ancestral nature of the species.

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What are the benefits?

What do we offer?

Why are we different?

The benefits of this diet are numerous, here are some examples:

  • Better health, therefore less disease

  • better skin quality

  • Less incidence of allergies

  • Better oral and dental health

  • Greater brain and cognitive development

  • Better digestion and absorption

  • More longevity, energy and vitality  

  • Reduction of stool and water intake

Our offer starts with the range of useful and natural products, personalized follow-up, saving time and work in the preparation and search of all ingredients. 

In addition, we offer health and thus fewer trips to the vet.

Our diet is a blank canvas, so any supplement, vegetable or fruit can be added so that the diet of the animal in question is as balanced as possible. 

In this way any type of food can be practiced with us.

Our food supply offers whole pieces, without any type of crushing or processing. Any animal can consume our products from weaning to the senior stage of life, with the best adaptation and quality of life.

We believe it is essential for the client to see what is good for their animal and for the animal to be able to chew using its dentition, brain and cognitive system.

Como começar
Close up de um cão preto

1."Dogs can't eat bones"

2."Raw food makes them aggressive"

3." Raw food causes parasites"


4."The ration is more balanced"


5."Dogs have already evolved and are not wolves"

6."Meat has bacteria"

7. "Cats don't like anything"


1. Bones previously cooked, already raw, should never be offered.

2. When they consume raw food, they feel more satisfied and better understood

3. The purpose of prophylactic freezing is to safeguard safety  of the animal

4. Feed is a highly processed food that does not meet all needs

5. The genetic difference between a dog and a wolf is 0.02%  

6.Remembering that dogs eat poop,  placentas, bacteria are part of your body for your entire life


7. Cats retain most of their characteristics being obligate carnivores, an early introduction changes everything in their tastes




Doubts? Just take them off....
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