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Mentoring for Tutors
  • Mentoring for Tutors

    After two years of many questions from our clients we decided to open a mentoring service for tutors at home or remotely.


    The idea is that all tutors have the knowledge to give their dog a better life in every way.


    In mentoring we will cover numerous topics such as:

    Raw food preparation

    • What are the best prepared food options?
    • Benefits and disadvantages of various foods
    • Myths and demystification of them
    • Correct dosages for each animal
    • Supplements and extras to food
    • Bone broths
    • Snacks and Cookies
    • Recreational bones and home recreation
    • Transition to raw feeding
    • Seasonal adjustments to diets
    • Raw food preparation
    • Hygiene and safety
    • Freezing
    • Defrosting
    • Feeding hours
    • Where to serve food and how many times a day
    • Dealing with situations such as vomiting and occasional diarrhea

    Our mentoring sessions last around 2 hours.


    There are two modalities available:

    An in-person mentoring option at your home, only valid in Lisbon, where you will receive a visit to your home and the mentoring will be carried out with the dog's tutors or family, who will have complete freedom to express their doubts regarding their family scenario.

    An online mentoring option remotely to any part of the world through a link provided by us after scheduling the mentoring appointment, all questions are welcome.


    You can also ask for a follow-up, if necessary, to reassess any doubts about progress. These sessions are only available in an online format with an approximate duration of 30 minutes per session.

    PriceFrom €25.00
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