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Cow Broth
  • Cow Broth

    Product information:


     -  Super palatable and can be used for animals in a convalescent state or with a lack of appetite,

      - Used for recovery from blood problems and pain,

       -Helps with intra-articular problems,

       -Super moisturizing,

       -Energetic to regenerate patients in a state of apathy, lack of appetite, seniors, recovered or recovering from clinical or chronic pathologies,

       -Rich in minerals and highly nutritious components.

    So for all animals, even if they don't eat natural food, they want to use the broth as a supplement and always have it in case of SOS, it's always good to have our frozen broths ready to serve to dogs and cats.

    It can be given daily or weekly as needed. 

    100% Obtained by cooking cow parts and marrow bones


    PriceFrom €2.50
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