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Poultry Broth
  • Poultry Broth

    Product information:



       -Super Palatable can be used to make taking medication easier or to make a meal more interesting and easier to ingest,

       -Super moisturizing,

       -Repairs and recovers the animal from gastrointestinal problems,

      - It greatly benefits the heart, bones, joints, skin, fur, liver, digestive system,

       -An excellent detox,

       -Increases digestion capacity,

       -Rich in minerals,

       -Excellent for animals with joint and bone problems,

       -Anti-inflammatory, pain reducing.

    Therefore, for all animals, even if they are not eating natural food and want to use the broth as a healthy, preventive snack or always have it in case of SOS, it is a good way to have our frozen broths ready to serve to dogs and cats.

    It can be given every day or weekly depending on preference and need.

    100% Poutry bone broth 

    PriceFrom €2.50
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