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Summer Broth
  • Summer Broth

     Product information:


    Product information:

    In partnership with Holi.Pet, we launched a special summer edition broth, made and designed especially for months of high temperatures and typical dehydration.

    With the properties of herbs, we formulated a universal broth with maximum benefits, including reducing anxiety, improving the circulatory and lymphatic system and also soothing the digestive system.


    •    Mint is refreshing, muscle relaxing and increases digestive fluids promoting digestion
    •    Coriander is refreshing and detoxifying. Promoting circulation and eliminates heavy metals. Great for keeping parasites away.
    •    Cidreira reduced anxiety, agitation and restlessness, improving sleep. Improves appetite and nausea on hotter days.
    •    Lavender soothes and brings well-being. It has an anxiolytic effect on the central nervous system.
    •    Chamomile, in addition to promoting a smoother and more functional functioning of the digestive system, is great for calming the nervous system and works as a muscle relaxant.

    •    Melilotus Officinalis presents studies on improving blood circulation and lymphatic system, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory. (Animals taking anticoagulants should avoid taking this herb).

    100% Poultry Bone Broth, mixture of herbs (mint, coriander, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, melilots)

    PriceFrom €3.00
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